Technology Solutions

Accelerating Time to Value

PositiveShift provides strategy, architectural consulting and implementations on multiple big data platforms. Our team's deep vertical knowledge helps us create purpose-built solutions to meet business requirements.

Roadmap & Planning

From big data strategy and roadmap to implementation, our learnings gained over dozens of projects help carve the right program and approach to your big data journey.


We help with technology selection, architecture, platform consulting and execution.

Digital Solutions

Everything today is going digital and to make it happen companies need to deal with software. PositiveShift consulting team works as a partner simplify business challenges and bring solutions helping our partners to achieve their business goals. Our subject matter experts support for Software development lifecycle through various development methodologies and various platforms.


Develop systems that are intelligent and self-learning through the use of big data and machine learning. Employ industry standard techniques to ensure development is in line with production and to support day-to-day operations.

One software working on a laptop browser may not work on a smartphone or Software working in Windows may not work as expected in IOS. With our software integration services, we make sure that our client’s software products will work seamlessly in all the devices and all the platforms.

Everything in the world is not just getting digital but getting connected. Smart devices talk to each other with various modes of communication and exchange the data. This has created endless possibilities for users as well as service providers. With IoT & Cloud consulting services we help our clients with their business needs. We help to develop applications based on IoT and Cloud which connects sensors and devices over the cloud.

Have terabytes of data and want to take an insight of it just in a glance and make decisions based on it? With the aid of various BI tools to visualize report data in a graphical format so that our clients can take their important business decisions.